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Recovery of material waste

Study and evaluation of scraps and waste with a view to their economic enhancement through the development of sustainable opportunities. Supporting companies in the study and creation of products and artifacts through the composition with regenerated materials obtained through new production processes, aiming to ensure the right balance between production, consumption, profit and preservation of environmental capital.

Applied research projects

Support to companies in identifying research and development topics in the field of circular economy, also identifying means of funding through research calls and facilitating qualified partnerships with other companies and university departments thanks to the collaboration with Cinsa (National Inter-university Consortium for Environmental Sciences).

Environmental legislation

Monitoring of the evolution of environmental legislation. Support for obtaining authorizations or certifications for carrying out the activity and to identify new market developments (e.g. REACH regulation, integrated management systems ISO, EPD, EMAS, Ecolabel); training of employees in the environmental field; consultancy for the improvement of environmental performance; advice on the assessment and management of the company's environmental risks.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Assisting companies to identify and assess the potential environmental impacts of a product, process or service throughout its entire life cycle. Calculation of the carbon footprint and study aimed at reducing CO2 and reducing environmental impact.

Sustainable communication 

Support to companies in the implementation of an environmental management system aimed at the preparation of a sustainability report as a means of corporate communication aimed at customers and stakeholders. Organization of events for the communication of the company's environmental performances.

Training Courses

Organization and management of training courses on issues related to sustainability in the various production companies.

Partnership for sustainability insurance

Supporting insurance companies for the study and definition of a different way of managing the world of claims evaluation and management in a logic of sustainability. Definition of sustainable appraisal and claim as an element of a new corporate communication.


Innovative Services

RiCircola provides innovative services for companies, connects them with a vast network of academic and professional contacts, guaranteeing study and scientific collaborations, creating new synergies.

  • Technical figures made available to the company

  • Scientific/academic supervision for the company's technical figures

  • Implementation of the research project and drafting of the business needs analysis

  • Development of industrial projects in the field of circular economy

  • Sustainable communication

  • Training of company employees in the technical-legislative field (reference legislation, SDG's, 2030 agenda, etc.)

  • Dissemination of the results of the project through different media

  • Preparation of guidelines to pursue environmental certification with EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) label.

  • Implementation of the research project and drafting of the business needs analysis

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  • Services for insurance companies (sustainable expertise TM Software)


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